Why I LOVE Chalk Paint

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There are so many reasons to love Chalk Paint!

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No Prep and No Priming

The main reason I love chalk paint being - I am quite lazy and impatient!  So the no prep and no priming works for me!
So yes, most furniture doesn't need to be sanded or primed, although I have to add quickly that it's not magic and you may come across furniture that has some unidentified product that keeps coming to the surface, in which case you may need a primer - but, to be honest, this has only happened to me once so we wont stress about it!

Fast Drying Time

The speed it dries is another fantastic reason.. who wants to wait hours or days for a piece of furniture to dry?!  Especially if you have animals or children lurking about. Chalk paint dries super quick so you can finish a piece in a day, easily.

Non-Toxic, No Fumes, No Mess

Chalk Paint is non-toxic with no nasty fumes, so painting can be done inside on a rainy day with those windows shut! Oh and it's water-based so even the messiest of painters (me) don’t have to worry!

Beautifully Smooth Finish

Chalk Paint also sands beautiful so you can eliminate any brush strokes and create a super smooth finish.

Experiment with Finishes & Techniques

I just love experimenting with different finishes that chalk paint allows. Perhaps you like a smooth contemporary look, it sands beautifully so you can eliminate any brush strokes and create a super smooth finish - all you need is your paint and a sealant.

Or perhaps you, like me, like to play with different techniques like dry brushing, distressing, textured layering and different colour waxes to give an aged look.


Another beautiful reason to use chalk paint is its versatility. It's not just for wooden furniture - use chalk paint to paint walls, glass, ceramic, metal, exterior projects and even fabric!

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So stop in the shop and explore our range of Howie & Bo colours, waxes and brushes and get started on your first chalk painting project today! Or book in for our Chalk Painting Furniture workshop on 31st October (spaces still available at time of posting!).




Are you hesitating to get started, not sure where to begin, or worried about not getting it quite right?

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