Glowful Skincare

Glowful is range of Argan oil-based beauty products for the skin, hair and body.

"Over my modelling career I've been very fortunate to work with some exceptionally informed and experienced aestheticians and skin care experts. We share a passion about using skincare that is ethically sourced and uses high grade ingredients. Together we have developed the Glowful range.

Our Argan oil is sourced directly with the UCFA, the first Union of Berber Women Cooperatives in South Morocco, producing the highest grade argan oil.

Quality kernels collected by hand and using cold pressed machines are filtered with natural papers, giving maximum properties. This is organic, fair trade and PGI certified which means that it is produced within the UNESCO preserved argan forest to ensure sustainable income to its 1000 women members. This helps 22 villages in extremely underdeveloped areas." - Alicia Clarke

Glowful's properties:

- High skin absorption - leaving it feeling supple, hydrated, moisturised and with a natural glow.

- High levels of natural vitamin E making it one of the best anti-ageing treatments.

- Anti-inflammatory treatment for acne, ageing, rosacea, eczema, rebalancing oil levels, hydration levels, damaged skin, stretch mark prevention, cracked/dry cuticles, dandruff and soft beard conditioning treatment.
- Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. 

- We avoid chemicals such as mineral oil, petroleum, paraffin, propylene glycol, sulphates and parabens.

- All Glowful products are safety assessed under laboratory conditions and comply with European Regulation.